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Portfolio website [Personal blog]

We are keen supporters of any form of self-expression and as such we relished building this platform for showcasing an intricate amalgam of reflections and life stories. In the author’s own words her work is oriented less towards the tangible and more so to one’s emotions and the art of living life through feeling it and so our product serves as the means for taking the reader for a walk in her mind. The content presented on this personal blog website is intended to the romantics and all those whol live in the moment and we wanted to realize the connection between them and the texts in a simple and unobscured manner.

The idea

The main objective of this development process was to display the individual blog articles and publications in separate categories that would be easy to navigate. With an emphasis on readability and natural flow of the text, we dove into the assignment and custom built this platform to cater for the specific intentions and purposes of the author.


The approach we took with this assignment was to first put ourselves in the author’s shoes to better understand the idea behind the project and iron out the design vision and overall direction. We initiated our work with the Ideation phase, during which we managed to come up with the entire concept for the website that best represented the author and her vision. We handpicked the appropriate color palette, one that is gentle to the eye and facilitates the reading, created the logo, and devised the way the website was going to look. We then build on that to further elaborate the design and finalize the placement of the individual modules and components of the website. Throughout the whole process we stayed true to the author’s insights, continuously incorporating her feedback, until we produced the final product, one that in its entirety brings a sense of much seeked uniformity. Following the successful completion of the collaboration, the author decided to keep usisng our services to maintain the website as she apperciated our commitment and attention to detail.