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About us

We offer web and application solutions specifically tailored to the needs of our clients.

Our Values


Openness and honesty are like the buttons of a shirt – they hold everything together.

Long-Term Partnerships

With a focus on the long-term we can help you develop your full potential.


Time is of the essence and we are always conscious to make the most of yours and ours.

Website Development

We specialise in web development, covering the full lifecycle of projects. Emphasizing on client satisfaction, we also provide ongoing maintenance to ensure your website remains optimal and up-to-date. We are committed to be at the forefront of technology and we excel in creating SEO-optimized websites, implementing industry best practices to maximise search engine visibility and enhance your online presence, while seamlessly integrating the latest JavaScript trends into our advanced technology stack.

Application development

We craft bespoke applications that are tailor-made to suit your business objectives, focusing exclusively on JavaScript-based solutions. From inception to final implementation, we bring your ideas to life with our expertise in custom application development. Our team creates dynamic and scalable solutions that cater to your unique requirements, delivering seamless user experiences. We embrace the latest advancements in technology to leverage cutting-edge tools and frameworks in our development process so that your custom application stays at the forefront of innovation. With our unwavering commitment, we provide ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring your application remains robust, secure, and future-proof.

Technical consultation

We provide expert guidance on the technical aspects of your projects. From technology selection, architecture design, or troubleshooting challenges, we can help you make informed decisions and overcome hurdles. Our technical expertise and insights enable you to optimize your solutions, streamline workflows, and achieve your desired outcomes. With our consultations, we ensure that you leverage the right technologies and approaches, leading to more efficient development processes and successful project outcomes.

Software optimization

Technology evolves rapidly and your digital assets may require optimization to keep up with the changing demands of your business and users. We can conduct comprehensive assessments of your current software to identify areas for improvement and implement targeted strategies to enhance its functionality and performance. From optimizing code, streamlining database queries, or improving scalability, we apply industry best practices and cutting-edge techniques to elevate the performance of your software. By leveraging our expertise in software optimization, we transform your existing sites or solutions, delivering enhanced user experiences, faster load times, and improved overall efficiency.

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How do you form the final costs?

At our agency, we determine the final cost by considering the full scope of your project, including design, project management, and development. Instead of relying on hourly rates, we use story points as a measure of effort and complexity. This allows us to provide a more accurate and transparent estimation, taking into account the overall workload required to complete the project successfully. By incorporating story points into our cost calculation, we ensure a realistic and comprehensive approach to pricing that aligns with the unique requirements of your project.

What is a story point?

In our project management approach, we utilize story points as a unit of estimation rather than hourly prices. Story points allow us to gauge the complexity and effort required for a task or user story, taking into account factors like risks, dependencies, and uncertainties. We believe that story points provide a more accurate and realistic estimation, focusing on the overall effort rather than rigid time constraints.

Can you assist if there is no design in mind?

Yes. Our workflow includes an ideation phase during which we can offer you different designs, in case you don’t have any in mind

Can you accommodate any marketing requests?

Yes. We have a dedicated team that can assist with marketing tasks. Get in touch to share more information on what you need and we will revert back to you with an estimation and any relevant questions.

Can I consult with the team before placing an order?

Yes. You can request a free online consultation with the team either by email or by filling in the respective slot in our questionnaire/application form.

Can you produce website content?

Yes. We can produce content for your website, including but not limited to SEO titles and descriptions, texts and blog posts. To request this service you can fill in the respective slot in our questionnaire/application form.

What means of communication do you use?

Before initiating the project we mainly communicate via email and then move on to Slack, where we can keep all messages/files/people in one place.

What project management methodology do you use?

We use the agile project management framework Scrum as we believe that breaking a project into phases allows for better planning and more transparency in the project’s progress.

How long does it take to develop a website?

At our agency, we understand the importance of timely website development to ensure your online presence is up and running smoothly. Website development timelines can vary based on factors like complexity, client responsiveness, and team resources. While a simple website may take a few weeks, a more intricate one could require several months. Please let us know more about your project to get a precise estimate. Our agency aims to deliver outstanding results within a reasonable timeframe.