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We are driven by the success of our clients. Following that, we are focused on providing our developing experience for growth-driven companies to succeed in their initiatives.

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Software Agency
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Why Coddess?

Where it comes from?

In the past, people used to give names to mythical creatures or Gods that had special powers that humanity couldn’t explain. A simple example is Zeus⚡ and his thunderstorms.

What or Who is Coddess?

After countless questions like how this is possible or how it works, we came up with a simple explanation. Coddess, the Goddess of code and web creatures, brings income and fame to all her clients!


We code our way but we work with you in a way that you can be assure that your projects goes to the desired path.

✔ Transparancy

 Weekly updates of the project progress and early feedback.

✔ Timely Delivery

 Always following our projects’ timeline and delivery dates.

✔ Quality Assurance

You can use our paid tools for quality check of our work.

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